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Hi! So, I am Livyathan! Mmm.. 💙 You, however, can personally call me Livy. *Flashes a teasing wink.*
Quite the charming muzzle you have there. Dare say I'm anxious to know its taste! Oh, how adorable a blush your cheeks' now contain..


/-\Updated May 16th!!/-\ :icondragonbite1:

 "Where is he off to this time?" His voice pondered, thoughts trailing in curiosity as Ligreon vanished from view.
 The bushes of which sheltered him lush and young. Freshly planted less than a season ago, yet so mature. To be no surprise all brush surrounding them were more of the same. They did conjure an ever lovely, and changing, aroma as a benefit. One could never complain of such peaceful qualities, or even deny them.
 "I fail believe such is a question either of us can answer, Lithalryn." A mutter long broke from Arkhalis. Frustration and a hint of exhaustion evident within his throat. The common concoction of which brewed this male. "He is growing, I'm afriad. Developing independence. A curse and a pleasantry for either side."
 Nodding in acceptance, Lithalryn raised a wing as to graze the ceiling partially above them. The stone was cold, its structure rugged with many cracks covering from one end to another. A thick moss crept through few of the crevices, but went rather unnoticedby opposed to the multiple other distraughts. Save to mention the abnormal gape within the southern wall. 
 With a stretch that bore a subtle groan, he took forward in an attempt to reclaim an area of some light. Arkhalis sheltered in a far corner, cozying himself to the shadows while Lithalryn followed after something quite the opposite. 
 Taking a step through the misplaced ruble, he brought his scales into the brightness that were their garden. Wings abroad with slight wrinkles from having been curled for far too long. The sunlight was a bliss upon them as they arose to full prosper.
 The thumbs of his wings brushed leaves and vines, fortunate enough for they avoided most branches. Buildings erected slowly, there was no denying it, but nature held no comparison. By this, there would still be decent time before the exposed grassland could be widely accessed by Drakes of larger breeds. Else know the risk of tearing.
 Ignoring the slight disturbance, Lithalryn lowered himself towards the surface, chest planted firmly against it while he surveyed the lower regions for trace of the sunlit welp. Recieving nothing in return save for stems and roots burrowed within the grounds. Gradiants of deep brown upon faintly scorched greens with the petals of vast, muticoloured plants between either. Beautifully combined, nonetheless.
 "Hmm.." He mutters, returning himself to natural height, eyes surveying despite. "For one of such bright, he is nearing impossibility to find."
 "Do not worry yourself, Lithalryn," called Arkhalis from his sheltered corner, hardly lifting a horn. In turn quirking a grin Lithalryn found quite foreign. "He will return within short time. Does he not always?"
 It was a question with roots true to the tips. Yet, at the equal time, one worth pondering over. Arkhalis had spoke it himself, Ligreon was aging. With that, his actions would grow increasingly more difficult to calculate. 
 Nevertheless, he accepted the response with a stern nod and fancied another glance before turning back for the 'entrance'. Meeting Arkhalis with a bow, to show respect, as he followed down a corridor. Dimly lit as the rest with a single sconced torch whose flame burned discreetly.
 It failed to compare to the brilliance of the sun's gaze, to Lithalryn's mind, at least, but it would suffice within its sole purpose. Though, alike the gaseous object patrolling the day's limitless sky, it contained a spark which soothed his seasoned scales, bringing slight comfort alongside. Perhaps it was merely an effect of being so closely aligned to the Elemency of Fire. An Elder could wonder of such aimless theorization for endless time. This is, if distanced thoughts refused to disturb.
 Whether intention went to relocate these rogue ponders, the necessity to know was minor. What lie before him held absolute caution, worthy of attention, in truth.
 Upon the farthest end of this corridor, beyond a torch once more and few chambers emptied within, stood somehow a single door, far more ancient than the last. Seeping forther eerily with a dark rot. A substance bold enough to nearly break free of its wooden bindings. As if contemplating to curse all that surrounded in an alike, foul presence.
 His scales writhed at the mere idea of what awaited him, reacting feverishly in immense spouts of anxiety. Releasing a momentarily imprisoned breath, an attempt to gather in whole, he treaded onward yet. Bracing either talon to the dampened surface and nudging it forward, receiving a disheartening buckle followed by what would sound as metal broken in two. The only plausible response, a cringe.
Dunestalker (WoF)
Well, um.. This here is DuneStalker! My charming little Wings of Fire OC.
I'll leave it to you to ponder whether it is DunesTalker or DuneStalker.. x3
This fantastic piece of work is a creation from the ever - lovely Spirit-The-Dragon! Send her a Watch and some Favs!! ^¬^ (She requested that I post this, to be honest.)
|\-|Kane(Pre Dreaded Night)|-/|
-Breed: Unknown -
-Alignment: Feral -
-Kin: FireCrest -
-Sex: Male -
-Age: Adult(47) -
-Eye Color: Emerald Green with Crystalline Black accents -
-Scale Tint: Deep Beige with light accents of white and a white underbelly -
-Element(s): Shadow(Base) and Fire(Secondary) -
-Unique Ability(s): Unknown -
            -Moon(Mate) -
            -Glade(Daughter) -
            -Geyser(Daughter) -
            -Druin(Son) -
            -Livyathan(Son) -
-Personality: Loyal, Leading, Understanding and Careful -
-Biography: .. -
-Neck Length: 13ft, 9in -
-Shoulder Height: 12ft, 10in -
-Total Height: 26ft, 7in -
-Body Length: 18ft, 2in -
-Tail Length: 21ft, 5in -
-Total Length: 39ft, 7in -
-Wingspan: 62ft, 11in -
-Brief Description: .. -

|\-|Moon(Pre Dreaded Night)|-/|
-Breed: Breathless Llphyn -
-Alignment: Anthro -
-Kin: Tribal -
-Sex: Female -
-Age: Adult(42) -
-Eye Color: Platinum -
-Scale Tint: Obsidian with platinum accents and underbelly -
-Fur Color: Light Grey -
-Unique Ability(s): Runic Generation(Healing) -
            -Kane(Mate) -
            -Glade(Daughter) -
            -Geyser(Daughter) -
            -Druin(Son) -
            -Livyathan(Son) -
-Personality: Kind, Observing and Cunning -
-Biography: .. -
-Neck Length: 1ft, 3in -
-Shoulder Height: 7ft, 11in -
-Total Height: 9ft, 2in -
-Tail Length: 6ft, 5in -
-Brief Description: .. -

|\-|Druin(Pre Dreaded Night)|-/|
-Breed: Shadow Drakyn -
-Alignment: Feral -
-Kin: FireCrest -
-Iacere Detachment: Delta - 016 -
-Sex: Male -
-Age: Adolescent(15) -
-Eye Color: Emerald Green with Crystalline Black accents -
-Scale Tint: Light Black with a Black underbelly -
-Element(s): Shadow(Base) and Fire(Secondary) -
-Unique Ability(s): Void and Ward -
            -Kane(Father) -
            -Moon(Mother) -
            -Glade(Sister) -
            -Geyser(Sister) -
            -Livyathan(Brother) -
-Personality: Quiet, Secluding, but Loyal and Trustable -
-Biography: .. -
-Neck Length: 5ft, 1in -
-Shoulder Height: 4ft, 10in -
-Total Height: 9ft, 11in -
-Body Length: 10ft -
-Tail Length: 14ft, 7in -
-Total Length: 24ft, 7in -
-Wingspan: 37ft, 4in -
-Brief Description: .. -

|\-|Livyathan(Pre - Dreaded Night)|-/|
-Breed: Wind Drakyn -
-Alignment: Feral -
-Kin: FireCrest -
-Iacere Detachment: Delta - 015 -
-Sex: Male -
-Age: Adolescent(15) -
-Eye Color: Emerald Green with Crystalline Black accents -
-Fur Color: White with Obsidian accents -
-Element(s): Wind(Base), Shadow(Secondary) and Fire -
-Unique Ability(s): Void, Vortex and Ward -
            -Kane(Father) -
            -Moon(Mother) -
            -Glade(Sister) -
            -Geyser(Sister) -
            -Druin(Brother) -
-Personality: Charming, Loyal and Truthful -
-Biography: .. -
-Neck Length: 4ft, 11in -
-Shoulder Height: 4ft, 8in -
-Total Height: 9ft, 7in -
-Body Length: 9ft, 10in -
-Tail Length: 14ft, 2in -
-Total Length: 24ft -
-Wingspan: 36ft, 9in -
-Brief Description: .. -

|\-|Arkhalis(When the Light Shines)|-/|
-Breed: Shadow Drakyn -
-Alignment: Feral -
-Kin: Unknown -
-Sex: Male -
-Age: Adult(45) -
-Eye Color: Crimson -
-Scale Tint: Black and dark Grey with Crimson accents -
-Element(s): Shadow(Base) -
-Unique Ability(s): Unknown -
-Personality: Secluding, Witholding and Quiet -
-Biography: .. -
-Neck Length: 14ft, 2in -
-Shoulder Height: 13ft, 7in -
-Total Height: 27ft, 9in -
-Body Length: 16ft, 10in -
-Tail Length: 17ft, 3in -
-Total Length: 34ft, 1in -
-Wingspan: 51ft, 6in -
-Brief Description: .. -
Anyone know any really compelling Dragon related writings? I'm seeking to treat my eyes to something interesting. Preferably without Human contact, but it isn't in stone. 
Thanks for reading and be sure to comment with those titles if you got 'em! ^´~`^

As was requested by a dear friend of mine, I am to fill out a.. Sort of questionare, if you will. Shown from the tittle of this type, I choose an OC(Original Chatacter) of mine, and answer the following questions as he would. It was enjoyable, to be honest. What do you say? Care to.. Give It a chance?
I was tagged by :iconspirit-the-dragon:

1. Pick an OC.
2. Fill out the questions/statements as if you were that OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme.

Chosen character:

1~ What is your name?
Livyathan of the FireCrest Kihn.
2~ Do you know why you are named that?
From my understanding, it was from the alignment of my egg. Livyathan having to do with an Elder Air Drakyn.
3~ Are you single or taken?
As of this moment, I am single.
4~ Have any abilities or powers?
Enhanced flight, the strongest known connection to the element of Air, and an overwhelming charm.
5~ Stop being Mary sue!
Um.. Pardon?
6~ What's your eye color?
My apologies. I was not aware you could not see them. Emerald-Green, like the entirety of the male FireCrest.
7~ What's your fur/hair color?
My fur is majorly white, increasingly difficult to clean, might I add, while my secondary coat is obsidian, my mane included.
8~ Have any family members?
Does not everyone have Kihn?
9~ Oh? How about pets?
I cannot necessarily claim him as a pet, but Volthel holds many traits that would consider him to be one. He's a Wyvern, uh.. Decently small.
10~ That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Something I despise most would certainly be anything relating to battle. Death is.. Unsettling, to say the least.
11~ Do have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Uhhhh.. No, not entirely.
12~ Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?
I have, yes, and I'm.. Not at all proud of it.
13~ Ever...killed anyone?
*Sighs* Shamefully, many have fallen to my talons.. The blood never goes away..
14~ What kind of animal are you?
I am a Feral bred Shadow Drakyn. Umm.. Dragon, in other terms. Kihn to the FireCrest.
15~ Name your worst habit.
My worst? Well, not sure that is wholesomely appropriate for.. This conversation.
16~ Do you look up to anyone at all?
No.. No, I do not.
17~ Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
I have no shame in admitting I find appeal in other Drakes, however, as do I in Drakeness. Bisexual.
18~ Do you go to school?
Would you mind defining this.. "School?"
19~ Ever want to get married and have kids one day?
Eventually, I will claim a mate and they will, the same, claim me. Hatchlings will no doubt follow, if that mate is to be female.
20~ Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
I strike the eye of many, if I may say.
21~ What are you most afraid of?
I.. *Looks away*  Failing Dreavyn.. I cannot see another Geyser..
22~ What clothes do you usually wear?
Uh, well.. None, really.
23~ What's one food that tempts you?
Amberscil. They are astounding.
24~ Well, it's still not over!
The inquiry goes on?
25~ What class are you?
Perhaps you mean classification?
26~ How many friends do you have?
I only try to claim the fair side within people.
27~ What are your thoughts on pie?
What the hell is pie?
28~ Favorite drink?
The liquids inside an Amóurá Ambscíla.
29~ What's your favorite place?
Wintro.. I don't know why, anymore.. Maybe it's the cold air..
30~ Are you interested in anyone?
Well.. Someone..
31~ That was a stupid question.
Not at all, I'm afraid. I enjoy being interviewed.
32~ Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
A lake, by far. An ocean is much too salty for my gills.
33~ What's your type?
Strong and independent.
34~ Any fetishes?
*Chuckles nervously* Uh, well..

I tag:


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